Barcode Creator for FM Starting Point 4

FM Starting Point is teaming up with Geist Interactive to incorporate an award-winning barcode creator into FM Starting Point 4. The purchase of the barcode module covers yourself or anyone in your office (or extended team). This add-on allows both FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Go 13 to create and print barcodes without the need to install any fonts or plug-ins! The Barcode Creator can be used to create over a dozen different types of barcodes. You will need to add a few scripts to your copy of FM Starting Point, and you're in business! The install only takes about 60 seconds!

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One time purchase of $199, only supports FMSP 4.2
using FileMaker 13 on Mac, Windows, iPhone, or iPad.

Barcode reading is built into FileMaker Go 13, but it has no capability to generate new barcodes. The Barcode Creator provides a quick and inexpensive way to generate barcodes within your FMSP solution (or other FileMaker solutions).

There are no restrictions to the number of people using our Barcode Creator... as long as the users are part of your organizational team. Create as many barcodes as needed without any limit or interruptions.

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