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LiveStream Webinar Series from LiveCode & RCC

You can now watch 10 information packed videos, filmed live with members of the LiveCode team, where they take you through the A-Z of building and compiling FileMaker apps using LiveCode for FM. From submitting Android apps to the Google Play Store, to editing and compiling your app for runtime deployment – we’ve got you covered.

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Introduction and Licensing - LiveCode for FM Day 1

Overview of the LiveCode for FM

⁃ Supported and upcoming features 
⁃ Break down of pricing 
⁃ Q&A with CEO of LiveCode

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Building your first FileMaker Android app - LiveCode for FM Day 2

In Day 2, we will install LCFM native and build/discuss our application.

⁃ We discuss how to build in sync support from a bird’s eye level.
⁃ Talk about the feature support pane.
⁃ Go over unsupported features.

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Prerequisites for building an Android app - LiveCode for FM Day 3

On day 3, we begin compiling our LiveCode and begin testing to make sure it all went smoothly!

- We will also discuss how to prep your development machine to use LiveCode.
- We also discuss how to connect Android Device to computer.
- Talk through the prerequisites before compiling.

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Syncing your FileMaker apps - LiveCode for FM Day 4

On Day 4 we continue to compile our LiveCode and test.

- Focus on answering questions about the process.
- Tweak and recompile.
- Discuss other sync options.
- Differences between testing and deploying!

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Uploading your FileMaker app to the Google Play Store – LiveCode for FM Day 5

For day 5 we will discuss the Google Marketplace.

⁃ How to sign up
⁃ What software you might need to install
⁃ Google submission rules
⁃ Possible problems as well as any other hangups
⁃ We will also discuss how you will be paid by Google
⁃ Submit the App we’ve been working on

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Rolling out updates – LiveCode for FM Day 6

Day 6 we will share the play store link so people can download it!

- We will also discuss app maintenance
- How to roll out updates
- Talk about data retention options

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Building an iOS FileMaker app - LiveCode for FM Day 7

Day 7, we will begin our iOS testing

- Discuss iOS app with LCFM vs using FM SDK
- iOS app with LCFM vs FMGo
- We will also discuss deployment profiles
- Talk about the App store

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Building a FileMaker runtime app on Mac - LiveCode for FM Day 8

Day 8, our focus shall be on answering questions about Mac runtime

- Mac Runtime’s unique interactions with LiveCode
- Differences between desktop and mobile runtime

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Hear some customer testimonials - LiveCode for FM Day 9

Day 9, We will discuss customer testimonials

- Briefly cover future plans for the product
- Where the LiveCode team are heading with it’s future

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Q&A session with the CEO - LiveCode for FM Day 10

Day 10, Will be our final day

- Open Q&A with the LiveCode team about everything we have discussed over the past two weeks.

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